Relax, baby…

Book Joana Portrait Cover by Rute Maluma.JPG

Me, painted by Rute Maluma. This was supposed to have been the cover of the book. Then, well, life happened.

When in search of inspiration, I return to my goodies. Nothing like my own – awakened – mind to lighten up the way:

“What´s relevant, for now, is to remind you of the Mystery, the one we must plunge in when we dance, when we love, whenever we do something adventurous and risky.The Mystery of this incredible Life and the need for us to bow and dance with it, instead of trying to dissect, control and ultimately destroy it. Certain things – which aren´t things – can only be perceived, or experienced, by the heart, an organ that has its own intelligence and energy radiation. Some even say The Dance only happens through the heart. No, you won´t understand it – relax. But you can do it.”

By Joana Saahirah II

1st edition of the book.jpgPhoto from the 1st edition of  “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life and Beyond”

by Joana Saahirah II

Bookwriting1.JPG*How to get your own copy of “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond”:

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