The End of the Affair

69f4c08f729f2d5ed87b327c6f88672f.jpgNot my affair. Graham Greene´s affair. Or his book called “The End of the Affair”.

I´ve picked it up for the same reason I pick every book: out of an unconscious certainty that I have to read it. As it happens with every other area of my life, I do it out of passion. No questioning is required.

As I finished reading it, I felt like I  had been hit with a giant hammer.

– What the hell happened? – I asked, slipping through the last page. I meant what happened in the story and inside of me. Isn´t it wonder*ful when a book, a piece of art or a person, moves you, redesigning  your brain, heart, even your core values?

It´s a rare, precious thing: a book, having such an effect on you, one that shakes you, physically, to the core.

Which leaves me with 3 interesting questions:

How did Graham Greene come up with such an incredible, yet credible, story? No imagination could have produced it. I smell reality.

From where did he take those spot on* phrases? (student mode is on)

Is the book amoral, imoral or just human?

Needless to say: I´m in love (with the book). And I´m a little, really just a tiny bit, terrified of love. Some stories books have this effect on me.


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