The Bubble

Portrait Magic.JPG

Photo taken during one of my writing bubbles – you can clearly see the hallucinated expression in my eyes. Err…ok…my eyes always have that expression. 

Status: me, with my struggles and dreams, an empty canvas (computer) and the whole world under my fingers. The power of the one who writes is starting to scare me. And seduced me. I think I´m in love.

Getting into The Writing Bubble – 3rd volume of my new book in progress. God, please give me strength! Here´s the soundtrack for the road:

One of the best, and oldest, pianists in the world, Menahem Pressler (92 years old) plays Chopin.

The smoothness and the extra time he manages to fit in the silences (pauses in the music) may well be what they call a glimpse of Eternity.

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