The goodies

The array of people who inspire me – in dance, writing, life – is enormous and varied.

Time and energy are too short to absorb the abundance of inspiration available. And yet, when the moment of truth arrives, it´s towards myself, and my own goodies, that I return. Not because they´re better than the goodies of the people I love and learn from but because nothing rings truer, or closer, to our heart than the truths we discovered through our own skin.

Purpose – the theme of this Message from The Womb – has never been more important than now.

I´m preparing new material to teach and perform in different countries, working on my new book (getting into the 3rd volume – I can hardly believe it. God, please, give me strength!) and plotting new horizons that can fullfil me and my destiny.

Remembering WHY  I do what I do has be on the top of my priority list. Today. Always.


Follow the link to access the full collection of Messages from The Womb

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