Working in my sleep

Salvador Dali said “No masterpiece was ever created by a lazy artist.”


Despite appearances, channeling dreams is hard work.

In defense of (this sleeping) Dalí and in my own defense I must say that a huge part of the creative work, and personal growth, happens unconsciously while we´re sleeping or doing apparently nothing.

Things like running, having dinner with friends, going to the cinema or taking a nap can trigger new ideas or solve problems we wouldn´t be able to deal with if we insisted on bumping our heads against the wall. And working, without proper off periods, can feel like that: bumping our heads against a wall.

The Unconscious needs – and rewards – the creator who recognizes it. This is why I alternate active work – in dance as in writing – with enJOYment/resting periods, aware one doesn´t function at its full capacity without the other. Short but consistent pauses, as consistent as the active work, do miracles for creativity.

I´ve learnt that, some times, the best I can do for a new text, a show, a class or a new choreography I´m working on is to stop doing it for a few hours or a day.If you allow your brain and your internal emotional factory to do their – silent, often ignored – part of the dance, they will collaborate with you in truly magical ways.

Some of the best ideas come up while I´m in the shower, during my nightly dreams, when I´m riding my bycicle or watching a movie. Trusting the process, while you´re awakened as well as asleep, is the key. Or one of them. 

Sleep tight, fellow creators!13254468_494249454102376_7163313648509691256_n.jpg

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