Walk(dance) the talk


Image captured during the show in Alaska, USA

You gotta walk (dance) the talk. Or shut up.

I am what I dance and I dance what I speak and write about. It  would make no sense to preach something while doing something else.

If you´ve been following my work, you´ve heard me talking about feeling, interpretation, presence, Egyptian Dance as a Sacred Language, one that speaks from the soul to the soul. You know that, for me, performing is not about showing off, exhibiting how much I know or how many tricks I carry under my belt. It´s about creating a human experience which can be felt by everyone who witness it.

How much have you heard me saying about authentic Egyptian Dance? Well, watch this video and you´ll have the answer.

This video is a part of the show included in the event “What if…” organized in Anchorage, Alaska, USA by Shawnie Anderson and Grace Ann Cerny-Pierce

Thanks to the organizers and everyone who made it possible – students, audience members and supporters.


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