Tabla Fire in Alaska!

12341078_10153765227214886_3283856550368438358_n.jpgJoana Saahirah & Issam Houshan creating Magic* in Alaska, USA.

One thing´s for sure: I´m spoiled. I´ve worked with the best musicians, hand picked by me, for 8 years in Egypt. I refused manager made orchestras and made sure I, and no one else, orchestrated my musicians.

The “taabal” (percussionist who plays the “tabla”) who accompanied me during the last 4 years of my work in Egypt was the best I´ve ever head in my life. Simply, utterly, unquestionably the best. He also believed I was the best and he behaved, at work and outside of it, according to that belief. It´s not easy then to find that kind of quality and mutual respect around the world. Most orchestras are amateur, incomplete and shocked at the sight of a dancer who actually knows about Egyptian music and how things should be done on stage. There are exceptions – here´s one of them: Issam Houshan.

Me and Issam Houshan had never met; we made no rehearsal and had no idea what would happen during the show. But we trusted each other, art and the magic of the moment. Here´s the result: pure fire, passion and fierce Living. With a capital L.

Wonderful memories from a wonderful trip to my beloved Alaska.

 Thanks to Shawnie Anderson and Grace Ann Cerny-Pierce who made it all happen. Thanks to Issam Houshan for the wonderful partnership and professionalism. Thanks to every student, audience member and supporter who joined this magical weekend.

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