Screwing up in style

1610923_963507770347439_395130397443659962_nI am in constant awe for the inspiration my students offer me. I learn from them as much, or more, than they learn from me. This is not a sweet, polite way of putting things, it´s a fact.

Some of the most interesting and funny stuff come up while I´m performing or teaching – group or private lessons -, a result of the interaction between me and audience or the students. They bring out the best in me and make me do and say things I didn´t know I had in me. For that I´m always grateful.

Here´s today funny, yet true, jewel that came out of my mouth in the middle of a Private On Line Class:

“Today a monkey, tomorrow a butterfly.”

Quote of the day, the month, the year, the century (who knows?) 😉 

Referring to the right to be human, to make mistakes and do our best with permission to screw up. In dance as in life – you know my motto.

We´re allowed to search, fail, do greatly and everything in between. To really get into the creative process, egos must be left in the toilet, behind the sink, and vanity must be taken out of the equation. In order to reach The Target, you must be able to miss it. And, if you do, it´s all right. You try again, and again, and again until you hit it.

It´s the Journey up the montain, not the peak of the mountain, that builds the climber´s muscles and character. Moving-animated-picture-of-monkey-smile.gif

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