Shining your own light

10406709_770094819699325_4581132383401567904_nI caught it in the middle of a yoga class: that look of comparison common creatures throw at other creatures who happen to be involved in the same activity as them. The look that asks: is she better than me? The look that affirms: I bet I can master that pose faster than him. The look that yells: I´m not good enough therefore I measure my worth according to how good, average or bad I do in comparison to other people.

Yes, I caught that look in a freaking yoga class, the last place on earth where envy and comparison should take place. The venue for awareness, spiritual practice, diving into oneself; the territory of compassion, light, higher understanding of oneself and others.

As much as I try to understand it, I can´t. Time and energy are short for diving into myself, getting busy with my own development, challenges, dreams. How do people find the time, and the impulse, to focus on other people´s businesses? And who told them comparison is the measure of their value? Can´t everybody live his/her own life and support others to do the same?

Competing with others is not a sign of ambition but lack of self-esteem. It means you set your bar as high as the bar of other people.

If you know and trust your own star, you don´t compete – you focus on your world and thrive to be a better version of yourself every single day.

Aim higher – being – building – yourself, fresh and expanding every day, walking your path, shinging your own light.
Try it. Life, and victories, become so much tastier and grand!

Japan Magic 2016.JPGPhoto: me, performing in Tokyo, Japan.
Event by the wonder*ful Joanne Pascual

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