New baby on the way

Working on my Book.jpg

It´s not easy to get in and out of the water constantly – jumping from dance to writing work.

It takes time to get a hold of the story, get in the flow of the narrative, remember the chain that connects characters and events, become immersed in this mysterious adventure of writing a book.

Last but not the least, it´s not easy to rebuild the confidence, the focus and the discipline necessary to write a 3 volumes´book. Yet I do it – falling, doubting (myself), doing my best a word at a time.

While I´m jumping, once more, into The Adventure of creating a new baby, I caress the first baby: “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond”. Here´s a sneak peek at this blessed book which has inspired so many readers, dancers and non-dancers, from all over the world:

incense 1“There was no hurry as far as Madame Aziza was concerned. No Egyptian I´d met knew about the existence of such concept: hurry. What was that? Was it a disease? A kind of curry? An English name given to posh kids: Hurry being the rich brother of Harry?

My host seemed to have Eternity on her hands – she played with it as a child with bubbles, blowing them in the wind, distracted from life´s burdens and imposed schedules.

Time was everything she had to offer, more than enough to look at yesterday´s glories, hang around the living room with her generous swaying hips, chew on some sugar overdosed pastry and share photo album after photo album with me. None of the photos she showed me was a total novelty because my musicians had already told me half of her story and how much they appreciated her dance and dignified attitude during her stardom years in Cairo. Life happened, hand in hand with stardom: she had been married with a famous football player – who (un)naturally insisted she stopped dancing/exposing herself in public. She had divorced, covered up in black and started to brood over her dance past with nostalgia, joy and pseudo-religious induced guilt.

Madame Aziza was a Classic. She had known how HIGH, SACRED and NOBLE Oriental Dance is; she had embodied it night after night on her shows and yet society took her wrist and twisted it until she forgot who she was and WHY she danced in the first place. What had been – she knew it in her heart – a SACRED DANCE suddenly became a sinful activity she must repent from.

-My dear, if the “baweb” asks you why you´re coming to visit me, please tell him I teach you aerobics. Would you be so kind to do me that favor? – She asked, quite unexpectedly.”

Excerpt from “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond” by Joana Saahirah, 2nd edition, revised & updated2nd edition The Secrets of Egypt by Joana Saahirah*How to get your own copy:

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