Welcome, August!

Nook.JPGAugust will be a month for teaching – fully  booked On Line courses for the whole month -, going back to work on my upcoming book – second volume in the making – and, basically, trying to breathe.





Although it won´t be a vacation month, for me, I´ll have the privilege of digging into creative work that I love with relative silence and peace.

The pressure is still on. There are upcoming world events to prepare, new projects to launch, an exhaustion I (try to) balance with occasional dips in the lake, my private paradise nook (check photos but not location), or an extravagant swim in the sea. Sometimes, I feel it´s all too much to handle – dancing, teaching, choreographing, writing, travelling for work, non-stop managing of this wonderful parade. Too many balls to juggle in just two hands. Still I move forward and, as if by magic and a lot of consistent work, dreams DO come true.

Doing a book and sugar detox is on my wish list but I don´t think it´s going to happen. The sugar, maybe; the books, certainly not. This overloaded brain can take a few more lines in – I cannot resist a great book! Writing it or reading it – who cares? The love, or the addiction, comes from the same root.

Wherever you are, and whatever you´re doing, I wish you an amazing month. As a certain yoga teacher told me during an extremely annoying class: don´t forget to  🙂 Happy.JPG

P.S: If you´re looking for a relaxing, easy going yet wonderful Summer reading, here´s
a suggestion: “Travels with Charley” by John Steinbeck. Yes, the Literature Nobel Prize winner.

The book, which I read on my way to Bali and New Zealand, is pure pleasure. You don´t get to read it – you swallow it as you´d swallow fresh water in a hot Summer day. It just comes to prove the best writing is often wrapped in the most pristine simplicity.

EnJOY your reading with a lemon-mint juice on the side and dreams of upcoming – Bucket list – trips to come. Cheers! Travels-with-charley-cover

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