Thank you, New Zealand!

Show New ZealandTime and energy are rare these days. I´d love to write a fine, long, complete feed-back on my work trip to Auckland, New Zealand, but there´s a huge book waiting for me to write it, classes to teach, other work trips arriving, priorities, life.


A moment from the show captured by Ronald Winstone


Instead, I´ll write a short yet heartfelt message dedicated to every person who collaborated, in one way or another, with our event. I´ve said it but I´ll – gladly – repeat it: talent, professionalism, experience and even a Vision are not enough. In order to succeed, you need collaborators, people who recognize the value of your work and bet on it. You can have the best product in the world but, if nobody believes in it and supports it, you´re the only one who knows about it.For that, and more, I´d like to thank Candice Frankland for organizing this wonderful event with me in New Zealand. Her professionalism, kindness and incredible stamina made it all happen.

Tatyana Tania Laptsevich photo 1

Some of the wonderful ladies who took part in the workshops I taught in Auckland

A weekend filled with workshops, show, lecture and “hafla”, all wrapped up in passion, unity and camaraderie between participants. The presence of every student, audience member, critic (Raewyn Whyte) and technical support staff was essential to make this event happen.


Teaching – a work of love and empowerment.

I work, in some ways, like Egyptians: from my mood (“mazeg”, in Egyptian dialect), in a playful manner that matches seriousness with sense of humor, only within a passionate, positive environment. New Zealand, and the context Candice created, allowed me to do that. I could be myself with the respect and tenderness of everybody I met along the way.

New Zealand Magical Workshops 2016

Candice, the organizer of the event, pointing out the great work of the group.

More than dropping a few smart choreographies over people´s heads, I´ve done what I know I should do: empowering, opening people´s minds and hearts, reminding that Egyptian Dance and Life are one and, therefore, we should reJOYce in both. There are many teachers who cannot offer more than the usual: the steps, the combinations. I know how much more I can offer and that´s what New Zealand received with a heart so beautiful that it almost burnt my eyes.

My gratitude and love for the magical land of the Maori and for Candice who made me feel at home.

Smiling at the vulcan

Me and the dearest Candice, at the vulcano, in Auckland, looking like pin-ups from the 50´s

Just ❤


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