Head vs Heart

13873056_10206850445406547_1425203596277510039_nA wise man told me there is a void between my heart and my mind.

-You feel too much; you think too much. Too much distance between your heart and your head.

Conclusion: I´m too much of everything. Head, heart and distance between the two. Better than being too little of everything.

I think balance is overrated and, in more than one way, an illusion. If you live in this earth and deal, face to face, with creatures – human beings and others – of varied character and perspective, you will go off balance here and there. The key may be in keeping your root alive and conscious – watering it, keeping it deeply grounded.

I´ve quit understanding people and the way life works; I´ve quit judging, wondering why someone – me included – acts the way they do. Surrendering to the nonsense, the mystery and the excess is in the order of the day.

Call it maturity; call it what you may. I´ve just understood, without a wise man intervention, life´s too short for finger pointing. Or for the mandatory balance wise men speak about. A balance they don´t have for themselves. And there you go.

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