NEW article for “Zaghareet” coming!

The new article for “Zaghareet” magazine has been written a few days ago but the theme keeps knocking on my door, insistently, like a calling for the prayer: Stillness. Saying it our loud brings shivers to my spine. Shivers of desire, recognition, relative stress.

I´m torn between the demands of my agenda and my need to rest, remain still, be.

-Since when did breathing become a luxury? Damn!

This is not a new struggle – my internal world always knows what it needs and it´s clear about it but the external world doesn´t always agree with it. I´m in the middle, a bridge, a diplomat without diplomatic skills, trying to harmonize these two poles, often opponents. Between the writing, the dancing, the teaching, the choreographing and the travelling, I must find space for living. Just living. It has been on my agenda for a while now. What to do between 1 and 3pm? Live. Breathe. Be still. Exist.



Sneak peek at the new article on the subject of Stillness or the Art of meaningful Dance (Life):

“Stillness was not on my mind while I was living and performing in Egypt – it was something I started doing, without thinking, instinctively, as an answer to the environment and its Neptunian tempo. Every one I met was doing it – or not doing, to be more precise. That ethereal, damned and blessed, thing called nothing.

Egyptian culture knows a thing or two about stillness and its perks. I´d watch the men in their loose “gallabeyas” lounging in the coffeshops, staring at thesky, smoking their “shishas” (water pipes) or palying backgammon , aka “sheesh besh”, contemplating eternity as if they had no care in the world.

Make no mistake: they had hard lives, often tragic by any standard. But they didn´t seem to show it. They lived in the now, enjoying and feeling grateful for the moment and the pleasure – or elevation – of that exotic state we call nothingness.”

By Joana Saahirah
Excerpt from my new article for “Zaghareet” Magazine.


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