Joana Saahirah NEW article on “Zaghareet” magazine

Cover Zaghareet July.JPG
My NEW article on the fabulous “Zaghareet” Magazine (July/August issue) has been published. Got my copy in the mail this morning! Proud author/dancer mode is ON.
Thanks to Sharing and the magazine production for such a professional, beautiful collaboration ❤
“My teacher, her mother and their assistants were skinny, pale (I´d say translucid) and so fragile you´d fear they would be taken by the breeze. They wore black turtlenecks in the Summer, smoked fancy cigarrettes in a continuum of anguish I could, even as a child, identify. They hit me with a stick – bad, bad girl! – when I rolled my hips or went out of the straight line. They cursed in French and, above all, they never smiled.
But Lilith sang to me in Spanish. I had direct contact with Flamenco every time me and my family were in the extreme south of Spain (Malaga and La Línea). Right there, in the patios of Andaluzia, where my soul also resides, I was reminded there is a space for Magic beyond what the eyes can see. I knew it – there was more than those doll movements on the barre -, instinctively, but I needed the confirmation. Flamenco did the trick.”
By Joana Saahirah
Excerpt from the article published in this month´s issue.
Article July issue.JPG

A sneak peek at the article. Bellow, there´s a photo of me and my dearest friend/teacher/soul dance companion Mahmoud Reda, founder of the legendary “Reda Troup” and fairly considered the father of Egyptian Folklore.

*How to purchase your issue of “Zaghareet” Magazine:

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