Sleepless in Bali

Jet-lagged and in love with the tranquiliy that came after the tempest, here in Ubud, Bali.
The town is silent. My heart isn´t.

As I sit in the darkness, listening to little drops of rain falling from surrounding temples and pigeons mating (oh, yes, baby, love is in the air), I realize how precious and fleeting our lives are. How much we run to fulfill roles that rarely match what our souls desire and how much time, energy and focus we waste on accessories, forgetting about the Essential.

Being great at my work has been such a huge part of my life – dominating all others – that I didn´t realize the distance between success and happiness. And there is a distance.

What about being great at LIVING? That´s what I´d call success. Or happiness which is, by now, my definition of success.

The Beggining.JPG

Photo: my feet and my scarf, photographed by yours truly in Paris, on my way to Bali.

Hmmm…a new horizon is born. Thank you, Bali

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