New Zealand, here I come!

Vaccination ready (outch!), work prepared and passion packed. This girl is on the road again, this time around to Bali & New Zealand. Talk about paradise!

Egypt and its soulful dance reaches every corner of the globe and, I suspect, beyond. What a honour to share my knowledge, experience and vision with countries where I also happen to meet amazing people and learn about life and my crafts.

What a Ride it has been and I´m just starting! 8 years of successful career in Egypt – without selling my body or soul to the devil, thank you very much! – performing, daily, with the best musicians and in the best venues. The last 4 years of non stop travelling the world to perform, teach and lecture; a book published – “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond” and another one (well, 3 new ones) on the way.

Saying that I´m proud of my path is not enough. Saying I´m excited about sharing a bit of these treasures with New Zealand doesn´t even start to tell it…

From Egypt to the whole world – bringing back what really matters. In dance as in life. I´ll toast to that!

The next days will be filled with last minute preparations, deadlines´accomplishing before heading off and the excitement (I know so well) of the eternal traveller.

Amazing workshops, performances and lecture on the way. Expect nothing but the best ❤

Show New ZealandMore infos on the event “Joana Saahirah in New Zealand” by Candice Frankland over here:

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