Revolution started:EgyptianSoulDancers in Poland

promo imageThe aim of my career is expansion in all sorts of constructive directions. I refuse labels, limits and paths established by others. As I build and live my own Dance/Life Journey, I guide others to do the same.

No matter what I do, I do it with Vision, Quality and Love. EgyptianSoulDancers  is a project that fits that mold and more!

More than an extensive course – starting on November 2016, ending on January 2018 -, this is a self-discovery, healing and empowerment journey for women who REALLY want to learn and shine from the depths of their soul.

If you´ve followed my work for a while, you know there´s no separation between dance and life. We cannot grow as Oriental Dancers without growing as Human Beings because the second is the material the first is made of.

EgyptianSoulDancers in Poland

pioneer project by Eva Djamila Frysztak & Joana Saahirah II that will change the dance and life of every participant.

Promo Poland Number 2.jpgExcited, honoured and grateful for living my dreams and Visions* from the heart.

No compromises on quality, dignity, self-respect or freedom. That´s what I call luxurious living!

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