The power of (not)knowing

I don´t doubt of power of knowledge but I often wonder about the power of “not knowing”. What we know may play in our favour, most of the times. What about what we don´t know? The things we don´t understand, dominate with our intellect, predict? More often than not, I find myself in awe and gratitude towards that void, the places where my understanding, will power and control cannot enter.

Mystery, foggy realities – not necessarily foggy except for our limited eyes – , the step ahead we cannot foresee, the parts of dance, love and life we cannot grasp. The magic of not knowing who we are because, ultimately, we´re beings in constant transformation and re-action in relation to an (also) ever changing environment. Instead of being scared of these dark rooms, I´m becoming their fan. A student of a Master which is not there. Is this possible?

Knowing is static, somehow linear. Not knowing is fluid, more open to imagination and personal perspective. I dream of a world – my world, at least – where knowing and now knowing can dance together, hand in hand, cheek to cheek.

Don´t underestimate the power of knowing; don´t underestimate the power of not knowing either.

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