Oriental Dance Counseling by Joana Saahirah

Oriental Dance Counseling by Joana Saahirah of Cairo –
Reaching out for excellence and what makes you an unique dancer/teacher/choreographer.

Counseling – or consulting – is professional guidance, correction and improvement on a particular subject like a choreography, a performance or a class you want to teach.

I often receive requests of guidance from dancers: how do you do it? Many ask me to watch their videos and send them a report of the things they should be working on to improve and the things they should be proud of having accomplished; others ask me for advice on how to build a great choreography or how to be at their best on stage; others want to know how to structure a class, a workshop or a course.

My NEW Oriental Dance Counseling is the perfect answer to any of these requests.

Oriental Dance Counseling Promo NEWMore informations here: https://joanasaahirahworld.wordpress.com/oriental-dance-counseling-by-joana-saahirah/

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