Honey, it´s time.

Book cover Ana SamuelThere was a reason why this magical dance and women (both are ONE*) have been distorted, limited, jailed, disrespected, hated and humiliated for so long; there´s a reason why free, daring, independent women are called whores and this dance seems to belong to them.

Lilith, Baubo, Venus and many other sides of our Sacred Existence are inside each one of us, Women, waiting to be FREED and CELEBRATED. The TIME for CHANGE has arrived: the Sacred Love Dance and Women are on the rise – once and for all.

Excerpt from “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond” by Joana Saahirah, 2nd edition, revised & updated.


Me and my first baby, photographed at home by Ana Samuel

How to get your own copy: http://www.lulu.com/shop/joana-saahirah/the-secrets-of-egypt-dance-life-beyond-2nd-edition/paperback/product-22459466.html

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