My way

Yesterday I made a pause in work, grabbed a cup of coffee and searched for inspiration in a book from a great author. I read a few words, fell in love with the text and threw it away (moment of revelation).

There comes a time in creation when you have to kill your darlings (references, teachers, knowledge received from the exterior) and jump into your own world, language, identity. It´s scary, uncertain, maybe a waste of time. But you still gotta do it. If the desire to create burns stronger than anything else inside of you, you have no choice but to jump in your own ocean and swim. Key words: own + ocean.

What´s on the other side of the shore? Nobody knows. Will you be able to go back to the surface? Nobody can tell.

– Gotta go for my own thing. – I reminded myself, out loud, bothering all the doubts in my head.

It´s not a matter of disrespect towards the ones who have made it (their version of) right but a question of respect towards yourself and the unique gifts you bring to the world.

Joana Saahirah

Home peace photo Ana Samuel.JPG

Photo: me, at home, being myself

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