Getting ready for New Zealand!

Joana Saahirah & The Secrets of Egyptian Dance in Auckland, New Zealand, this July!
From Egypt to the World – bringing back the Soul of Egyptian Oriental Dance.

Event sponsored by Candice Frankland ❤

So much of what people see in my shows, workshops and lectures is the tip of a huge iceberg. Success is great but who are the ones who are willing to put up with the work, eventual sacrifices and perseverance necessary to achieve that success? I know I am; always have been. Talent + craft honouring through work = excellence. And excellence is always my goal.

Backstage preparation is a mandatory task for me. I´ve been creating long enough  to know that talent must be honoured and not taken for granted.

So here I am, once more, divided into different jobs – performing, teaching, choreographing, writing my new book, getting ready to travel – and making sure my talents receive the proper work they deserve.

Only the best to the world.

New Zealand and Bali, here I come!

Show New Zealand



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