Becoming the ocean

The Motion.

The Big – wide – Dance. Flowing with the music, whatever the tune, and making my best to co-create from a point of love, expansion and faith. Ah, learning how to live is the thing.

Dancing – on stage as in life – is not always easy. We can be pushed around, ahead, backwards, inwards, outwards, you name it. We´re pushed into madness, then a glimpse of clarity; we´re dead and reborn several times per day. Some times – just some times -, there´s not much we can do about it.

As a self-made woman who always believed she could be and do anything she dreamt ofw, admitting I am a co-creator of my life (dance) instead of its sole creator is not easy. But I don´t enter a battle I know I can´t win. Victory has no opposite in my dictionary.

When I move, I move to win. So I get the message: I become water.

San Sebastian performancePhoto: me, performing in San Sebastian, Spain, at Analía Bellydance festival.
Such a honour to share the soul of Egyptian Dance with the whole world!

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