Gratitude list

72I live in the now.

Nostalgy, looking back and whining about how things were is not my style. I believe the best moment is always NOW. But, every once in a while, it´s good to gather our bearings and feel gratitude for the abundance that lays before us.

This time around, Facebook did the job. The album of life it provided shows a very small part of the last few years of my life but, oh boy!, such a delicious one. When I look at each of the selected photos I can´t stop smiling. The words THANK YOU started to pour from my mouth on automatic mode.

Enjoy the ride, from left up till down right:

  1. The first photo was taken during a show in Spain where I performed and taught.
  2. The second photo was taken by Yara, a dear student, dancer and my sponsor in Savannah, Georgia, USA where I performed, lectured and taught.
  3. The third photo shows me with Sweetie, one of my angels. Pure love.
  4. The fourth photo was taken by my mum, in Portugal, in her garden after coming from a television interview (the make-up artist was superb)
  5. The fifth photo was taken during a show in Thessaloniki, Greece where I performed and taught.
  6. The sixth photo was taken in Spain where I performed and taught.
  7. The seventh photo was taken in Venice, Italy, after teaching in the mountains of Slovenia (yes, life can be really and I mean really wonderful).
  8. The eighth photo was taken in Oxford, England, while I was studying there. English Literature and Creative writing at Christ Church college, one of the happiest experiences of my life.
  9. The last two photos were taken during a rare vacation week in Portugal with loved ones. One of my ex-boyfriends had come from Egypt to visit me, I had the whole family and my best friend with me. Life was (is) perfect.

Gratitude mode is not an option anymore. It´s an obvious must. 1897873_230110697179029_1420244344_n


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