Message from The Womb- Skinny Versus Alive

Goncalo 2.JPG

ALIVE sounds better than skinny, thank you very much!

NEW Message from The Womb by Joana Saahirah – Skinny body Versus Live body

A dear – and relevant – subject for dancer and non dancers.
The relationship we have with our bodies define is a reflection of how we live (or just survive).

Taking care of ourselves through healthy eating habits, exercise, sleep and any routine our bodies ask for is essential but fighting against nature in order to fit an aesthetic idea of perfection does NOT serve us, our bodies or our lives. Imagine if all the self-destructive energy many of us throw on their bodies was used for constructive ends! Imagine if women around the world honoured their bodies and fed them in ways they felt alive, thriving, creative, inspired and happy. Imagine.

Ultimately, we gotta make a choice between life or death. Literally.

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