Do you mind if I drop this on your head?

12705343_10153870094547731_8164274138934497010_nTeaching Egyptian Oriental Dance is so much more than dropping movements and choreographies over dancers´ heads!

I believe in teaching The Sacred Language of the Soul and, for that purpose, nothing but a full reeducation of the person is required.

Opening students´ bodies, heads, hearts and spirits so they can find themselves in the dance; empowering; guiding people towards their own greatness. That is, for me, the reason for teaching.

Movements and choreographies are important but they don´t resume the dance – they´re just the tip of the icerberg. What lies beneath the water is 1000 times more interesting, and essential, than what´s on the surface.

Over here: me, teaching in Mexico, event sponsored by Desireé Diaz, last December.

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