Tarab – listening to Om Kolthoum

om 10

These images of an audience listening to Om Kolthoum, the Voice of the Orient (for me, the best singer who ever lived), were sent by Yasmine, one of my best friends. Her passport says she´s Egyptian but I´m sure she was born in Fairy Land.

Aside from being my friend – sister is the right word -, she´s one of those creatures who reminds you there´s beauty, kindness, hope and light in the world. And she knows me V-E-R-Y well.

She knew these pictures would touch me beyond words and even tears. It´s hard to describe their effect on me. I lost the count of times I sat with Egyptian men, in Cairo, listening to Om Kolthoum. Not my musicians or my friends but strangers in a coffee-shop, the market, the corner of an unknown street. Our differences – nationality, religion, mentality – went back where they belonged (nothingness); we didn´t need to talk – the music did it for us with a depth, meaning and effect our words failed to achieve. 

A huge part of my soul is Egyptian- that´s obvious in many ways but never clearer than when I´m listening to Om Kolthoum. Be aware that when you look at these pictures, you´re looking at me. I am in each person you see over here. No exception.

(For a deeper Tarab experience, listen to The Lady while you observe the pictures: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfRyI3hbKbQ )

 Enjoy the Ride ❤

 om 1

om 2

om 3

om 4

om 5

om 6

om 8

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