Meant to happen

helloooEvery time I return to the new book I´m writing I fall in love with it – and its purpose – all over again.

Many pauses between writing periods. There are months when I don´t have the time or energy to write a single word. I´m a (busy) dancer, a choreographer and a teacher – that´s what I do for a living. I´m not married with a rich husband – yet! – who can support my writing retreats. A room of my own, as Virginia Woolf so wisely put, has to be built and rebuilt, by my own hands, every single day.

Managing real life demands with writing a book – especially one like this – is not easy. More than a test to the book, it´s a test to my character.
Plus: writing a book is not the same as writing an article or a blog post – it requires focus, presence, discipline, a fixed schedule, silence, (challenging) physical immobility and total dedication. It´s a marriage, not a one night stand.

Work, travels, daily life challenges often take me away from the baby but each return states with absolute and increasing clarity: this is meant to happen. Big time!


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