New Message from The Womb

This one is special. Well, every Message from The Womb is special to me but the theme I´m focusing on this one is a particular rock in the shoe. My shoe; probably your shoe.

I thought I got self-worth under my belt only to discover there´s road ahead – not too long, not too short – until I nail it.

Yallah! We got work to do ❤


” -You cannot have it all, darling! – They said. I repeated. We agreed. Everything was in its perfect place.

Even considering – secretly, silently – those dreams, inside my head, felt wrong: a guilty pleasure, an unforgiveable ambition, a challenge towards fate. I didn´t need to steal the fire from the gods, like Prometheus tried to do, in order to burn.

Those unspoken dreams became my victims – I killed them, night after night, in my sleep. I wouldn´t dare naming them out loud; God forbid!

-Some things are only accessible to others – don´t you know it, greedy girl? – The voices kept yelling at me.

Those voices, where do they come from?”

By Joana Saahirah II (piece from an unpublished article – to be released soon)
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED12928243_10154038812552731_3096656101651247279_n


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