Dimming my light? I don´t think so.

New lessons are available on a daily basis. This time around: does my flame bother you, miss/mister?

I won´t dim my light in order to avoid disturbing other people and I invite you to do the same. Life´s short for mediocrity of any sort.

By other people I mean the ones who haven´t found their own light – or don´t have the guts to let it shine. Because shining requires character, exposure, a thick skin that can handle criticism and fingers pointed at you.

Folks who are in the darkness feel deeply bothered by the ones who dare using their light for constructive purposes. It´s incredible – and sad – how happiness and expansion can be a magnet to haters, the ones who live in the shadow.

How many times have I caught myself dimming my light in order not to provoke a conflict I knew would invariably come? Envy, competition, I want to have/be/do whatever she´s having/being/doing is no stranger to me. I´ve seen it so many times I can smell it from afar.

I´m only human and I try to avoid disappointments and needless conflits so I occasionaly fall in the trap: I pretend I´m not much, don´t know much, haven´t done, seen, experienced, achieved much. I shut up, nod, listen and try not to breathe too loud. Just to avoid the conflict that ends up happening, anyway.

Because darkness also smells light from miles away. And, be sure, light, even at a distance, pisses darkness off. It really doesn´t really matter if you put yourself up or down. Dim your light or not, mediocrity will smell greatness and it will punish it.

I (we) might as well shine higher than the stars.

Good girl mode is officially over. With love, of course. giphy.gif


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