Final stop: the Orgasm!

2nd edition The Secrets of Egypt by Joana Saahirah“Final stop of the Journey: the Orgasm. The sky and the earth are reunited, tranquility is restored. This is BALADI. This is LIFE.

If you´re too prude – or afraid – to face it, you may not be invited into this world; the fruits of baladi may not be available for you to pick.

This was not a new subject on my “Great School of Mysteries of Egypt” graduation. The glances and comments I´d received from Egyptian audiences every time I performed my polemic “baladi” improvisations, and a genuine baladi is always improvised, showed me how strong is the connection between a Woman´s sexual life (and appetite) and the way she moves her hips. As if hips had a their secret language, a code that shows how much a woman loves herself and how strong is the connection between her mind, body, heart and soul. Her hips denounce how deep she digs into the pleasures of Existence, a kind of aliveness that slaps mediocrity directly on the face.”

Excerpt from Joana Saahirah´s book “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond”, 2nd edition, revised & updated.

How to get your own copy:


A bit of baladi dance, the subject this excerpt talks about, to open your apetite:

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