Keeping my crown


I cannot even start telling you how many bells this quote rings. Oh, boy. 

P.S: Come on, guys! It´s – more than – time to catch up with us, women who are living their best selves.

Having a woman who is full of herself, in the best possible way (full with her own life), by your side shouldn´t make you feel insecure, scared or less than a man. A woman who is full of herself and chooses YOU to be by her side is a treasure, not a threat. She´s a cup who is overflowing with life but decides to add YOU, because you´re worth it, to the grail. She´s not famished, you see? She´s eaten all right. In fact, better than all right. But she´ll still have you because YOU ARE WORTH IT. I´m not a man but, if I was, that would make my masculinity toast.

This kind of woman chooses you because she WANTS YOU, not because she needs you or feels less than a complete human being on her own. She´ll be loyal, passionate, generous and life transforming because she wants to – not comfortable, predictable and, ultimately, dead because that´s what keeps you comfortable.

She´ll challenge you and your perception of what a woman is – you´ll find out what a man is in that process. She´ll push you higher, make you wonder what life is about and, yes: yes: yes, feel alive.

Why are men so afraid of greatness in a woman? Is the challenge too much for their ego?

In fact, it is. A man´s ego will melt in the presence of such a woman, one that won´t play the old tricks because she´s above them. In her life there´s no space for bullshit, insecurities, lies, manipulation, mediocrity, co-dependence or childish games. There´s only space for what IS.

Why is that so scary? Aren´t you, beloved men, ready to take off and fly with a goddess by your side?

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