Message from The Womb: Dancing through the rain

This is a peculiar Message from The Womb – no talking, just dancing. And some rain. I wished for a tempest (dramatic purposes) but Nature knew better.

I don´t know how many of you got the message – one I chose to pass without a single word – but my intention is clear.

Dancing a “baladi awadi” (baladi style progression) in the rain – with my bear feet on the earth, wet, muddy, naked – means more than a nice dance piece. It represents the ability to move/dance/live through the rain –  there are rains of every sort – with the highest possible joy.

Another (untold) word comes immediately to mind: Transcendence.  Everything is lighter and more ephemeral than it looks. Celebrating The Rain and everything it brings to the surface!

To read more about the “Baladi Awadi” & Transcendence, check my latest article for the Elephant Journal:


Spring is here ❤

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