Close your eyes and see

The ability to close your eyes, look inside and see ❤


Back where I´ve started

In a world that is constantly pulling us out of ourselves, the time and predisposition to close our eyes and look inside seems to be an extravagance. That is until the exterior world stops making sense. And I mean beyond nonsense – the umbearable stupidity, self-destruction, meaningless sub-life most people lead; television and radio broadcasts that move around the actual parrot circle (economy, politics, fame, human misery, wars), the gossip and the meaningless chit-chat that accomplish nothing except a waste of time and energy.

Nonsense can be almost cool – I can deal with it; I´m used to it (come on, 8 years of career and life in Egypt!). Nonsense can be fun, creative, dynamic, insightful. Stupidity and self-destruction can´t.

This is why I am not wise to turn inside – I´m compelled to do so. It´s not a choice, as enlightened as Buddha, but an urgent need.

I´ve always been an outsider who followed her own rules and none else. The only authority I recognize is my consciousness. No surprise I follow orders when orders tell me to go back where I´ve started.

Will you follow me?


Catching the light with only one of my eyes

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