Messages from The Womb – 2nd compilation

Amor3.JPGThe thing is life is precious and I use mine to BUILD positive things, relationships and ideas that turn into evolution. For me and for others.

Folks who live in destructive mode – complaining, criticizing and attacking others as a way of life – don´t like me. At all. What I am denounces their shadow, the other side of their hate-centered life. It´s only natural they cringe their teeth at the sight of yours truly. But no hate(r) can stop Spring from coming!

My work – in dance as in writing – is more than what I do for a living. It´s a passionate mission and my way of breathing. Creativity pours out of me so generously and constantly I have no other choice but to create through various vehicles. Performing, teaching, choreographing, lecturing, writing, painting, singing and creating innovative projects for the world come as naturally to me as breathing. In fact, they´re more natural to me than breathing.

Messages from The Womb, a project which started with (a blessed) home move and a casual coffee shop conversation with a friend, are growing. Thanks to the quality they bring but also to the support of every person who´s watching, recommending and sharing them.

Here´s our 2nd compilation. EnJOY:

Cuteness Versus Authenticity:


Baladi awadi (dancing in the rain):

Sense of humor:

Egyptian Tempo:

Structure Versus Madness:

I am enough! :

Human Connection:

Why do you dance? :

Competition plague:

Individuality Versus Clone Machine Factory:

Where is your focus? (Go inside):

The body as a creative tool:

Temperature (warmth):

Unity – Religious Dance:


Home. The Womb. The Source of these messages; the source of everything which IS.



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