Elephant Journal NEW article: baladi & the pursuit of happiness

Elephant Journal photo 1I´m proud to announce my second article for the fabulous – and demanding – Elephant Journal has been accepted and published.

It´s natural to feel passionate about one´s work – I know I am. This one made me sweat in every sort of (unusual) ways: I wrote, re-wrote, amplified, cut, dreamt about it and raged against it when I felt I wasn´t making justice to the theme. It pushed my boundaries and it forced me to think out of my own box. In case you were wondering: yes, I have my boxes although I adore breaking them.

Baladi or The Pursuit of Happiness is the article´s theme – it couldn´t be truer or more urgent. I hope it rings a bell, or two, in your heart. Writing, as dancing, serves a purpose bigger than me. May that purpose reach you.

Elephant Journal photo 3.JPGHere´s a sneak peek at the article:

“Real happiness kicks a**; it goes as far as suggesting we can enjoy the bumpy parts of the road, the tears, the low points, the falls and the gloomy moments.

It sounds like sadism, but it’s the opposite.

The point is not to try to avoid or deny hardships, but to move through them as smoothly as possible. Happiness reminds us we can go through the scary tunnel knowing everything is transitory. Life is made of cycles we cannot stop—birth and death, hot and cold, day and night, high and low, laughter and tears, beginnings and endings, light and darkness.

Nothing taught me about the true meaning of happiness like Egypt.

Om Dunya, the Mother of Life, they call it. A tough mum, I’d add. While living and performing in Cairo, I had plenty of opportunities to dig deep into the study of happiness and its sister, transcendence. In the midst of conflict, disappointments and chaos, Baladi, a dance style Egyptians associate with poor, common, unsophisticated matters, helped me make sense of the apparent nonsense.”

Elephant Journal photo 2.JPGHere´s the link for the article. EnJOYhttp://www.elephantjournal.com/2016/04/egyptian-baladi-or-the-infamous-pursuit-of-happiness/

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