Let it go, let it go…

Life´s fleeting reality.
The realization that everything is transitory, forever changing, in constant transformation. What a BEAUTY!

These last years have been a roller coaster (well, my life has been a roller coaster since birth: endless abundance of victories, dreams come true, rebirths, love stories, discoveries; a School).

I´ve seen relationships rise and fall apart; people I considered my best friends betraying me; unexpected lovers coming into and out of my life for their own – secret – reasons; certainties I held dear to my heart melting against the sun light; old dreams coming true and new dreams being born. My idea of HAPPINESS – which is the base of my life – is changing constantly. Or expanding, to be clearer.

From all this movement – often understood as “loss” of something or someone – I got the lesson: we need to open our arms and live with 100% presence everything Life brings us but we also have to dettach ourselves from it and never allow it to define us. Knowing tomorrow´s wind can wipe today´s circumstances off is not only clarity but a blessing. I suddently realize how FREE and INTENSE we can be while choosing not to suffer from changes which are in fact the only permanent thing in life. How GRATEFUL we should be while knowing this too shall pass. The great and the not to great are T-R-A-N-S-I-T-O-R-Y. It is through this movement of comings and goings, holding and letting go that we grow.

Would we enJOY life as much if we knew everything was permanent? Would we love with full intensity if we knew our lover would be guaranteed, by your side forever?
Wouldn´t we get bored, stale, static, small if we knew we´d always have the people, things and circumstances that add to our happiness in the present moment?

Oh, boy. I can see It. Can you?
Life´s beautiful 


Me, at home, dancing with whatever the present moment brings.


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