Messages from The Womb – 1st Collection

From rocks we can make diamonds, from attacks we make love and from destruction we CREATE. My life has been pure alchemy – of my internal and external circumstances – and a road that only bows to The Law of Love. No surprise Magic & Abundance follow me everywhere I am.

It´s with joy I´m sharing the first collection of “Messages from The Womb”, a series of videos I´m creating for the education of dancers and non dancers.

Students who have taken my workshops or private lessons around the world are familiar with my unorthodox ways of teaching/dancing/living. They know that I know they know (we all know but have forgotten) Egyptian Dance is so much more than a bunch of empty movements. The rebirth of this dance´s original purpose is here to stay.

This collection of videos – of which only a small part is publicly shared (more videos will soon be on the way) – is Made in Paradise & Made in Love. I hope you find it inspiring:

 Tarab & The Feminine Principle:

 The Person in the Dancer:

The beauty of Emotion Versus the beauty of the Visual:

Simplicity, the highest form of sophistication:

Education Versus Exploration:

Cultivate your Garden:

The Power of Stillness:

The Guts of Personal Perspective:

Home – where it all starts and ends.


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