The Gift


– I love you – he told her, light because free of his own heart – and that is a gift I deliver on your hands. It´s not a promise, a request or an exchange proposal.

Rainy day.JPG

Me at home

It is – I repeat and I hope you can See it – a gift. You may do whatever you want with for it is yours. You can receive it, throw to the wind or pass it on to a stranger. I´ll be happy with any of these options – they are yours as it is the love I´ve just given you.

If you keep it for yourself, lucky us.
If you throw it to the wind, lucky wind which draws unexpected lovers together.
if you pass it on to a stranger, lucky stranger.

In any case, the gift has been delivered and it´s known we receive what we give. Lucky me.

Joana Saahirah


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