Sacred Gates (for Egyptian Dance)

For Egyptian Dance and for Life?Tarab Can you Listen to the Voice of Love.JPGThere are 3 Gates in Egyptian Dance which are also the gates for TARAB (concept developed in my book “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond”).
The first gate is THE EARS. Can you LISTEN?
Can you let your ego – the one that wants to impose its will upon life – sit back and LISTEN?
Can you forget about your to-do, to-be, to-achieve list and LISTEN?
Can you release what you presume you have to do, allowing life to dance through you, and LISTEN?
Can you let go of fear, arrogance, self-doubt and LISTEN?
Can you be PRESENT, right here and now, independently of your current circumstance, and LISTEN?
Can you go inside yourself and LISTEN?
Can you leave every prejudice, knowledge, logic and diva bullshit behind and LISTEN?
Can you realize you (all of us) are LOVE? Are you LISTENing?
Joana Saahirah

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