The terrible video polemic!


Art by Kanchan Mahon (Justine Riekena courtesy)

A few days ago, I shared what I thought was an innocent, enlightening post on the subject of TARAB. 

I´ve shared it on my Joana Saahirah Fan Page on Facebook as well as in a group with  interesting posts on dance. The reaction I got to the video was amazing – on the positive and on the negative side.

One of the concepts I use in the video – the Feminine Principle/Energy – caused the strangest (messiest) chain reaction. From women, no less; and a man.

A couple of things became clear to me: projections are hell for the people who live w12009756_10153095769435770_1657882737233527619_n.jpgith them and they need to throw that hell on others´ backs; not all of us see the sun, even if the sun is right there, in front of everybody´s eyes; there´s a lot of folks with a taste for destructive talk; ignorance is arrogant. Plus: I need to write a proper article on the theme of TARAB & The Feminine Principle. Here´s a little preview, dedicated to everyone (to the ones who see but, especially, to the ones who don´t):

The need for the DISTINCTION (not division or separation) – between the Feminine and the Masculine principles – comes from the different qualities/attitudes each principle brings.

Acknowledging the existence – and collaboration – between these two energies is another way of putting the question (thanks, Yara, for helping me find the world: acknowledging). 

Yang/masculine and Yin/feminine are complementary, that´s why we need the seed of a man and the receptor of a woman to create a baby (life). If you look around and pay attention to LIFE, this complementarity (which is not an antagonism, unless you decide to interpret as such) is clear.

Each side brings different things to the table. The energy of the sun is predominantly masculine; the moon is feminine. There´s the power of the mind – predominantly masculine – and the power of the heart – predominantly feminine. Action has a predominance of masculine energy while receptivity (allowing things to come to you and receive them instead of acting upon them ahead of time) has a predominance of feminine energy.

LISTENING deeply to the sound, allowing it to invade every cell of your body and every corner of your soul (the surrender to whatever that sounds moves inside you) – the beginning of TARAB only preceded by breathing – has a predominance of Feminine energy. The Listener – dancer or not – receives the sound the same way the earth opens its arms to receive the seeds. That is a predominantly feminine attitude although, as I´ve mentioned several times, men and women have IT in them and therefor are able to experience it.

On a more practical context – class/workshop – you can see how the feminineprinciple/energy is foreign to most students who have been taught to do, run against time, produce, achieve, compete, aim for perfection (or the illusion of perfection) instead of allowing themselves to sit back, just be, breathe, listen, feel, trust their instincts and move from that INTERNAL space. In my book “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond” I call it Machine Mode Versus Human Mode.

Reminder: internal spaces are represented by the feminine; external spaces by the masculine. Also notice these are SYMBOLS, not literal concepts. If you cannot understand the language of symbols it becomes hard to understand The Point.

I could give many examples but I´m afraid all the examples in the world wouldn´t clarify minds that don´t want to be clear. And that is perfectly fine.
For the ones who are ready: you´re welcome.
For the ones who aren´t, I hope you enJOY whatever perspective you may have on the subject – that is the most important.

The polemic (???) video that started this movement. Watch and be outraged! 😉 :


One thought on “The terrible video polemic!

  1. A few questions: When you speak about another people’s culture do you use generalizations and separation to explain what you see? Or do you illuminate the subtle realities that are reflected in all of us? Do your words reflect a light of compassion for all human beings? Does your platform give a voice
    to the voice-less? Can you freely admit that you ‘know’ nothing? And what you have to give, the greatest gift, is nothing more than your personal experience? Do you have that level of vulnerability and sensitivity? Or do you utilize your privilege, as many do, to further your material success? I certainly do not know; I am only asking. Good luck. I wish to see you move into the deepest state of giving for what you have received.


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