Rock it, Sisters!

12509125_10153389341633030_5553003391179007733_nI believe Egyptian Oriental Dance is connected with many things – expected and unexpected. A healthy, loving, appreciative attitude towards our bodies is certainly one of them.
No amount of data, technique, choreographies or years of practice/experience can compensate for the lack of self-esteem. No greatness – in dance as in life – can come from bodies filled with self-criticism, negative messages and anger.

If your dance is a reflection of who you are (inside) – and it is -, you better make sure the landscape is filled with love.

Imagine if we shifted our focus from our appearance to our essence.
Imagine if we looked more inside and less outside.
Imagine if we took care of ourselves for health, vitality and love and not to fit the mold.
Imagine if all the energy spent on self-criticism – resulting in compulsive criticism towards others – was spent on creating realities that makes us and the world a more beautiful place.

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