My cup runneth over


Are you ready to be The Cup? I am ❤

Knowing how to RECEIVE is an art form, the epitome of nobility.

GIVING has earned all the good publicity – if you give, you´re a good person. Nobody talks about the value of RECEIVING and how challenging it can be for us. Ultimately, we cannot really give unless we know how to receive but that´s another part of the story.

*When I give, I assume a position of relative superiority – consciously or not. I stretch my arms/hands towards reality in a straight line – I impose, even if from the heart, my gift on it.

*When I receive, I assume a position of humbleness (we say thank you when we receive, not when we give). I open my arms/hands and allow reality to enter my space, assuming there´s space for that gift in my existence and trusting the gift is good. Key word: TRUST(ing). Myself, others, life.

Learning how to RECEIVE has been a constant lesson for me, amongst many others.
As a Warrior who used to believe nothing falls from the sky, except if I (almost) kill myself working hard, struggling and swimming against the tide (me against life kind of mentality), realizing that Life is working with and for me has been a discovery.
Learning how to stop doing/fighting/struggling and opening my arms in order to RECEIVE has been an University course – unfinished, no diplomas delivered. No need for diplomas.

I therefore declare: I deserve to RECEIVE, here and now, every second of my life because I exist.


Photo: me, at home, receiving The Magic of ❤

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