Baladi Jewels II


Throwing myself on a Baladi in Maribor, Slovenia

Baladi is the Sacred Language of the Hips (and the miraculous creative machine between them).


What do you call your hips? (“Power House” is the nickname I give to mine).

How often do you look, touch, appreciate, say words of praise to your hips?
Reminder: Human race begins in that place between your hips. No small feat, darling!

Tell me how you deal with your hips and I´ll tell you how you can (or cannot) do a BALADI. Once disconnected from the centre – or critical towards it – , disconnected from the dance.
No shortcuts, no theories, no amount of classes or choreographies can compensate for the lack of a positive partnership, probably the most important of your life: you, your hips and the internal world they carry along ❤

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