Baladi Jewels IV


Photo taken in a show in Astrakhan, Russia.

About Baladi style (inspired by a question launched at a Fb Dance Group):

When a dancer begins baladi progression (which Egyptian musicians call “awadi”) – starting with an internal dialogue between her and the accordion and growing out of her womb, in an emotional crescendo, as other percussive elements join the conversation -, she has no idea how each moment will flow. Nonetheless, she embraces it, whatever comes, with open hips, hands and heart. There are no plans, safety nets, wishes, ambitions or filters – “I´ll take the joy and refuse the pain” kind of filter; “I´ll only do what´s pretty and pleasant” kind of filter. No, ladies & gentlemen!

When a dancer throws herself at a baladi experience she´s ready to accept, love and, ultimately, transform whatever comes her way. Even pain or especially pain. If the womb is the alchemy oven where deep emotions are digested – or not: our choice -, the baladi journey is the process that allows that oven to work transforming life – in all its shapes and colours, from comedy to tragedy and everything in between – into Art.

-Baladi is from poor, common people to poor, common people. – My musicians told me, when I was building my first show in Cairo, amnesic of their birthplace.

By Joana Saahirah

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