Baladi Jewels III


Me and my orchestra, in Cairo, creating the end of an “awadi”, an explosion of Joy, the sun after the rain.

More on BALADI:

Aside from the data people can study, directly from the source or from teachers who were in deep, continuous contact with the source, there´s a personal SEARCH that cannot be taught, learnt or even understood by the rational mind.

The question of BALADI goes down to a few (simple?) questions:

1. Can you go deep into yourself and speak (move) from that centre?
2.Can you surrender to what is, in the moment, accepting whatever comes your way – sadness as joy, darkness as light?

3.Can you flow with what IS and say YES from your guts?
4.Can you dare feeling the pleasure – physical, sexual, emotional, spiritual – and showing it without reservations?
5.Can you feel who you are, in your core, and be brave enough to share it with the world without masks, reservations or the shadow of the Spanish Inquisition over your womb?
For those who get my point: 😉
For those who don´t: keep searching.

Over here: me and my orchestra improvising an “awadi”. Cairo, Egypt:

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