She Wolf is Home

12651046_1101104169920550_1469382775742883305_nI walked down the road with nothing but (full) moon light guiding me and owls as companions; the path was pitch black except for the stars in the sky and the gorgeous Lady of Silence that never abandons my dancing womb.

Who knew I could see in the dark?! I didn´t know it but, then again, we only discover it by daring to dig into the darkness.
When I commented with an old man from the village that I, sometimes, walked on this long road at night alone (when it´s completely dark and isolated), he answered:

-Don´t worry, miss. You can walk on that road in the dark and nobody will bother you. If men pass you by they look at you and get scared: they´ll think you´re too beautiful to walk alone in a dark road, at night. For sure you must be a witch or a crazy girl – maybe both. Nobody will dare approaching you.

Cheers to witches and crazy women!

I arrive to my nest and set the fire – pieces of wood, caressing hands, pines, alcohol, a word or two of appreciation. I notice it demands passion, care and, above everything, oxygen in order to thrive. No oxygen, no flame.

Who knew I could learn about love from lighting up a fire in the middle of the woods?

I am home.

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