Keeping the goodies


Happy and in Love at home.

It takes work – faith, self-awareness, compassion, discipline and a pinch of intelligence – to protect our inoccence. And innocence may be our most valuable treasure. People who have lost it consider it cheesy, corny, silly. They cannot see the Beauty anymore, only ugliness (in themselves and others) – their minds and hearts are clogged with dirt. They become cynical, sour, negative, sad, despaired, lost from their core.

Only we can protect our innocence – keeping our inner child and its ability to dream and see G(o)od in Existence intact or expanded. I like the idea of expanding my inoccence – allowing it to grow, watching as the magic that permeates everything that IS keeps multiplying in my journey.

The feeling of being in love with existence can only thrive inside a person who has kept his/her innocence. Life won´t protect it; other people will challenge it; conflicts, disappointments – aka destroyed illusions – will make it hard to keep. But it´s our job to save It and ourselves from a precocious death.


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