A Dancer´s killer

Arrogance (which is just a twisted manifestation of deep insecurity) kills more dancers than lack of knowledge/technique/formal education.
I´m never tired of saying it: a big ego can never – ever – coexist with a great dancer.

Which path are you willing to follow: your ego (small) or your soul (infinite)? You cannot dance with both at the same time.
Wondering why this is so hard to grasp.


2 thoughts on “A Dancer´s killer

    • Dear Balletlover,
      Thanks for your comment.
      I´m not the owner of the truth, except for my personal truth, the facts I´ve come to discover on my journey. In other words, what I do and write about refers to my perspective.

      In order to – properly answer your comment I´d have to know what you define as “ego”. I don´t know what you have in mind when you mention “ego” but, from my point of view, ego is the smallest, most limited part of the self. Aiming for the SOUL is wider, freer and already on the infinity realm which is – then again, in my opinion – the territory of the Artist.

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